THE CARROS Shopping Cart series - 28L Three‐wheeled Personal Shopping Cart With Chair

Suggested Retail Price:NTD$ 4,580
Cart Frame :
Aluminum Alloy

Shopping Bag :
Outer Layer - Polyester + PVC Lamination
Inner Layer - Patented Multi-Layer Protection Fabric

Wheels :




 Republic of China Patent Certificate No. M397325


SGS 28L Three-wheel with chair: Bearing strength test report number : HLN0616A/2012

SGS 28L Three-wheel with chair: 400KGS Compression test report number : HLN0616/2012

SGS Eight Heavy metals testing report number : HY/2013/60177

SGS Temperature test - Cold Test report number : HL60535A/2019



Product description

  • This classic style incorporates convenience and functionality. All of your needs for a shopping cart are met.
  • The seat is equipped with a safety buckle, which can be stowed freely when stowed
  • The smart three‐wheeled design allow you to roll the cart up steps and curbs with the utmost ease. We design this cart especially for the elders, the people who has back problem, women in pregnant and so on.
  • SGS certification 400KGS heavy load seat - Relax everywhere, feel comfortable.


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